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 Prisons Service Commissioner                                                                                    Copenhagen    9/22/2009
P.O. Box 81
Ramle 72100

We are writing to you to protest against the inhuman treatment that a minor political prisoner in your prison is being subjected to.

This prisoner has been violated sexually by one of the prison guards at Hasharon Prison where she was held. Her headscarf was taken from her and she was placed in isolation/separation in a section for criminal prisoners, in a filthy and wet cell without daylight and ventilation and with the air full of insecticide. She has no access to any form of activity: books, TV or handicraft.

We appeal to you to immediately:

-           Initiate an investigation of the guard who violated the minor prisoner; we expect that the prison authorities will take the necessary action against the guard.

-          Move the minor prisoner from isolation/separation in a section for criminals to a section for Palestinian women political prisoners.

-          Place the minor political prisoner – if she is not released immediately – in a cell that is suitable for human accommodation.

With this letter we wish to express our indignation with regard to the treatment this political prisoner is being subjected to, and we expect that you – if she is not released immediately - will take the necessary steps to ensure that she is treated according to ordinary human rights and international humanitarian conventions.

We look forward to receiving your answer to this letter.

 Human Rights March

Women in Dialogue

Palestine Israel Denmark

Bodil Heinø

Højstrupvej 16

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